Graduate Catalog: 2020-21

Business Administration MBA

The Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership offers an online Masters of Business Administration (MBA) which can be completed in 12 to 24 months. The online MBA is an immersive program with a quantitative business focus utilizing a cased based, problem solving methodology that enables personal and professional transformation. The program is 36 hours with 27 hours of core MBA courses and nine hours of concentration courses. The concentration is student selected, however the core MBA courses are mandatory and program specific. Focusing on business and personal values-based decision making, you will study the real-world issues that impact the business environment while building leadership skills and learning valuable team building proficiency.

The offering of multiple concentrations provides a student to personally and professionally tailor their degree to their current career needs or future career aspirations. The MBA has a quantitatively focused, managerial application core centered around the four pillars of business: Managerial Marketing, Managerial Finance, Managerial Accounting, and Managerial Economics. The program is specifically focused on providing the student with a competitive, realistic, and professionally compatible core to increase their professional and personal leadership and management potential. With an MBA program, and in addition to seeking personal growth and career advancement, you will be equipped with the tools to influence an organization by contributing and building at a greater personal and professional level.

Student Learning Outcomes

Furthering the mission to develop business professionals and entrepreneurs, graduates of the MBA program will acquire the skills described in the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the core professional competencies of business.
  • Analyze impact of ethical decision making on business decisions.
  • Evaluate the impact of organizational culture on the business.
  • Implement analytical skills in strategic decision making.
  • Examine the role of organizational strategy on the business.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Business Administration requires 36 credit hours.

Program of Studies

  • 27 MBA core hours: ACCT 515, BUS 555, BUS 573, BUS 575, BUS 590, ECON 565, FIN 551, MGMT 584, MKT 540
  • Concentrations of nine (9) hours:
    • Business Process Management: BUS 531, BUS 538, BUS 539
    • Environmental Health: EHS 525, EHS 535, EHS 545
    • General: BUS 586 and any two concentration course electives
    • Healthcare Management: MKT 540 or MHA 580, MHA 566, BUS 531
    • Healthcare Operations: MHA 580, MHA 585, MHA 590

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MBA program must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale or a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • If the cumulative GPA is below 2.75, applicants must complete directed essay questions which will be reviewed by the Business Graduate Admission Council for admission consideration.
  • If the bachelor’s degree was from a non-regionally accredited institution, the applicant must take the GMAT or GRE for admission consideration. GMAT scores of 500 or GRE scores of 300 or above are required for admission.

To apply for the MBA students must:

  • Submit online application for admission
  • Submit official transcript(s) for most recent bachelor or graduate degree conferred
  • Transcripts are official only if sent directly to the Office of Admissions from the registrar of the institution attended.

Note: Transcripts will be evaluated for evidence of basic knowledge of Common Professional Competencies.  Based on this review, completion of appropriate course pre-requisites may be required.