Graduate Catalog: 2020-21

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of two semesters, each approximately 16 weeks in length and one summer term. Classes are generally scheduled on a five-day week. The university offers an extensive selection of late afternoon and evening classes.

Fall Semester 2020

Date Event
August 19 Undergraduate Student Registration Deadline (new students)
August 21 Undergraduate Student Registration Deadline (current students)
August 24 Weekday classes begin
September 7 Labor Day (no classes)
October 16 Mid-Semester
November 20 Last Day of Classes (Undergraduate Students)
November 21, 23-24 In-person Final Exams (Nov. 21 will be scheduled if needed) (Undergraduate Students)
November 25-29 Thanksgiving Vacation (no classes)
November 30-December 4 Online Final Exams (Undergraduate Students)
December 7-11 Final Exams (Graduate Students)

Spring Semester 2021

Date Event
January 11 Virtual Campus classes begin
January 13 On-ground classes begin
January 18 Martin Luther King Day (no on-ground classes)
March 5 Mid-Semester, 8 Week Session Ends
March 11-12 Spring Break (no classes)
April 1 (5 p.m)-5 Easter Vacation (no classes)
April 26-30 Final Exams
May 1 Commencement Ceremonies

Summer Term 2021

Date Event
May 3 Term Begins, 8 Week Session Begins
May 31 Memorial Day (no classes)
June 25 8 Week Session Ends
June 28 8 Week Session Begins
Aug 21 Term Ends, 8 Week Session Ends