Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Additional Graduate Degrees

Additional USF graduate degrees may be earned simultaneously or after the completion of the initial graduate degree. In such cases the following requirements must be met:

  • Acceptance into the program: The student must meet the entrance requirements for each degree program. Acceptance into one program does not qualify as acceptance into another.
  • Transfer credits:¬†Transfer credits accepted for the initial graduate degree may be accepted for an additional graduate degree.
  • Minimal Requirements: A graduate degree from USF consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours. Classes from another USF degree program, either completed or in process, may be used to meet the requirements for an additional degree. A minimum of 15 hours taken through USF must be distinct to the additional degree.

Individual program requirements: Each USF graduate program has a policy on acceptance of transfer credits and on the number of distinct credit hours required for an additional degree. The student should consult the appropriate graduate program director for further details.