Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Class Attendance

Classes for the academic year commence on the date announced on the university calendar and in the course schedule. Students are expected to attend class regularly and punctually. All students must attend class whenever an announced test, quiz, or oral or written examination is scheduled and whenever a report or paper is due, unless an extension is granted by the instructor prior to the scheduled session. If an instructor does not appear within 15 minutes of the scheduled class time, students may presume the class session was cancelled.

Instructors may establish specific attendance requirements in their own classes, with the option of lowering grades because of excessive absence. Specific attendance requirements and penalties will be stated in writing in the course syllabus and distributed to students during the first week of the course.

A student who judges that absence from a class session is necessary must assume responsibility for the decision. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to make up work due to absence and to keep fully informed of class assignments, special activities and examinations in order to meet the requirements of the course. Student veterans are reminded that the government expects the university to use due diligence in checking the attendance of students receiving veteran’s benefits.