Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Convicted of a Misdemeanor

An applicant’s admission on his/her application that he/she has been convicted of a misdemeanor (other than routine traffic offenses which do not involve property or personal injury) or felony will be considered along with other factors in determining whether the applicant meets the admissions criteria for becoming a student at the University of Saint Francis. The nature of the particular crime as well as the punishment will also be considered. Applicants who indicate their conviction of a misdemeanor or felony are required to provide details and documentation of the conviction(s), including but not limited to:

  • the nature of the crime
  • when it took place
  • where it took place
  • whether it was a crime of a violent or sexual nature
  • the sentencing or plea agreement (if applicable)
  • where the individual was incarcerated (if applicable)
  • statements from the applicable corrections department explaining the release, completion of sentence or rehabilitation program completed and terms of probation or parole

Two additional letters of professional reference will also be required for those applicants seeking admission with misdemeanor or felony convictions. If the applicant checks “yes,” but claims that the misdemeanor or felony has been expunged, then supporting documentation to prove that must be submitted to the Academic Progress Committee (APC) as well.