Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Emergency Notifications

The University uses Connect Ed, a campus-wide emergency notification system. This system can store several phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all members of the campus community and reaches all those numbers simultaneously. Students should be sure the Registrar’s Office has their most up-to-date cell phone numbers, land line numbers and e-mail address(es). Should an emergency arise on campus or should classes be cancelled for any reason, students will be notified through this system. If classes are cancelled, announcements will also be made on local radio and television stations as well as

The university policy is to hold classes if at all possible. Students are to use personal discretion to determine whether or not they should come to class if the university does not cancel and they must travel a great distance in bad weather. If students miss a class due to weather-related issues, they are responsible for initiating the appropriate communication with the instructor prior to the class time and for making up any coursework that is missed.