Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Good Academic Standing

A student must be in good academic standing to be eligible to have a Master, Specialist, or Doctoral degree conferred. A student who is placed on academic probation or who is dismissed from a program is not considered in good academic standing.

To remain in good academic standing, a graduate student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all graduate courses required on the student’s program. No graduate course with a grade below a “C” may be counted toward a degree program.

The GPA is computed on a cumulative basis, by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of credit hours a student has taken in courses earning grade points. The GPA includes any course work taken at USF for which a student earned graduate credit, but not graduate work taken at other institutions accepted toward meeting the requirements of a graduate degree or certificate. Courses in which a student has received I, P, W, or WP are not included in this computation.

Following any academic term at the end of which the cumulative graduate GPA falls below 3.00, the student will be considered on academic probation and will receive a letter from the Graduate School office. A student on academic probation who fails to bring the GPA to the required level of 3.00 upon the completion of an additional 6 credit hours of graduate work will be dismissed from the program.

Some programs have higher performance expectations, which will be specified in the program handbook or in the student’s letter of admission.

Dismissal from a program in the Graduate School does not preclude application to another program. Each program shall determine eligibility for readmission.

Academic Suspension

A student may be academically suspended for failing to meet minimum requirements in a semester in which he or she is placed on academic probation or otherwise expressed by Academic Progress Committee (APC). The first suspension a student receives may be for one academic semester. A second suspension will be for a full academic year. Students may reapply to the institution at the completion of the suspension period; however, reapplying will not automatically result in readmission. Students who reapply must provide evidence to support academic preparedness and progression with their reapplication, which will be reviewed by APC. All decisions by APC are final.

Students placed on academic suspension are not considered in good academic standing and will not have a degree conferred.