Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Graduation Completion

The university has Commencement services once a year, typically on the first weekend in May. Students who complete their degree requirements during an academic year (fall, spring, or summer term) may participate in Commencement. Candidates for graduation must apply for the degree in the academic year in which they intend to graduate. Applications must be submitted by April 1 in order to be listed in the Commencement Program.

Graduation Audits

Every candidate for graduation from the Graduate School will have two audits of their transcript prior to the awarding of a degree. An initial audit is done after an Application for Graduation is received, and a final audit is completed after final grades are submitted.

Conferral of Degree and Diploma

After the final audit is concluded and the Registrar’s office is informed, the Registrar will enter the date of the conferral of the degree on the student’s official transcript. Students may request a copy of their transcript as evidence of their degree completion.

For those who have completed their requirements but cannot attend the commencement service or those who have not finished their degree requirements, their diplomas are returned to the Registrar’s office. The student must either make arrangements with the Registrar’s office to pick up their diploma or provide a valid mailing address. For those who prefer to receive their diploma in the mail, the Registrar’s office will send it to the address provided by the student.

Transcript of Credits

A transcript of credits is obtained from the Office of the Registrar. A written request should include the student’s Social Security Number and current address for proper identification, the student’s signature, and a $5.00 payment by cash or check for each official copy (with imprinted seal and signature). There is no charge for unofficial copies of transcripts.

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), directory information includes dates of attendance, date of graduation, verification of birth date, current address, and telephone number. At the student’s request, any one of these items of information will be withheld.

Posthumous Degree Conferral

Any currently enrolled undergraduate student who has earned academic credit at USF but who has not yet completed all degree requirements for her/his current academic major and who has passed away in any circumstance will receive a degree posthumously.

The degree will be awarded immediately following confirmation of the student’s passing by the university and after consideration of the case by the President’s Cabinet.

If approved by the President’s Cabinet, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will handle the procedure with the Registrar:

  • A degree conferral date will be entered on the student’s official USF transcript.
  • An official transcript containing a note indicating that the degree was conferred posthumously will be sent to the family.
  • The diploma will be sent to the family or presented to a family member at the commencement ceremony if desired.
  • The student’s name will be listed in the commencement program with the notation “Degree Awarded Posthumously”.