Graduate Catalog: 2020-21

Health Sciences Clinical Experience Requirements

To ensure the safety of self and others, clinical students are required to complete a variety of activities prior to working with patients on a clinical unit:

  • Submit proof of currency in CPR Certification for Health Professionals
  • Submit a completed health history and physical examination form
  • Provide documentation of immunizations, including Hepatitis B status
  • Submit a negative TB skin test each year
  • Sign confidentiality forms
  • Annually complete drug testing
  • Annually undergo a background check, which includes criminal history, driving history and Office of Inspector General’s list of excluded individuals
  • Meet technical standards related to: observation; communication; intellectual, conceptual, integrative and quantitative abilities; motor skills; behavioral and social attributes; tests and evaluations and clinical assessment.
  • Attend orientation and compliance sessions as required by clinical facilities

The cost of the above activities is at the student’s own expense.

Affiliating agencies may withhold clinical experiences for students with the following records:

  • Positive drug screen
  • Crimes against the person such as battery or assault
  • Crimes based on dishonesty or untruthfulness such as theft or embezzlement
  • Drug and other substance abuse related crimes
  • History of recent DUI or other driving violations/penalties

Without clinical experiences, the student cannot complete all aspects of the program and will be dismissed from the program.