Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Health Sciences Clinical Experience Requirements

To ensure the safety of self and others, health science students are required to complete a variety of activities prior to participating in clinical/field experiences:

  • Submit proof of currency in CPR Certification for Health Professionals
  • Submit a completed health history and physical examination form
  • Provide documentation of immunizations, including Hepatitis B status
  • Submit a negative TB skin test each year
  • Sign confidentiality forms: Verification of Health Insurance, Consent to Release Information, COHS Informed Consent, Student Confidentiality and Clinical Requirements & Technical Standards
  • Annually complete drug testing
  • Annually undergo a background check, which includes criminal history, driving history and Office of Inspector General’s list of excluded individuals
  • Meet technical standards related to:  observation; communication; intellectual, conceptual, integrative and quantitative abilities; motor skills; behavioral and social attributes; tests and evaluations and clinical assessment.
  • Attend orientation and compliance sessions as required by clinical facilities
  • OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Clearance Questionnaire
  • OSHA Respirator Fit Testing Certificate

The cost of the above activities is at the student’s own expense.

Affiliating agencies may withhold clinical/field experiences for students with the following records:

  • Positive drug screen
  • Crimes against the person such as battery or assault
  • Crimes based on dishonesty or untruthfulness such as theft or embezzlement
  • Drug and other substance abuse related crimes
  • History of recent DUI or other driving violations/penalties
  • Violation of organizational policies or code of conduct while involved in clinical/field education or employed at the origination

Without clinical/field experiences, the student cannot complete all aspects of the program and will be dismissed from the program.