Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Incomplete Grades

A grade of Incomplete (I) is a conditional grade granted when the student is unable to complete the basic course requirements. The granting of an Incomplete (I) is reserved for those times when (a) extenuating circumstances have interfered with the student’s studies and (b) there is an expectation the student will be able to complete the coursework within the extended time limit. Note: An “I” is not appropriate when a student has missed classes or has failed to complete assignments.

It is the student’s responsibility to request an Incomplete. The student must fill out an Incomplete Grades Form before the instructor turns in final grades. This form must be signed by the student, the instructor, and the program director/department chair. A summary of the work to be completed is to be included with the form. All Incomplete grades are given a deadline of no more than eight weeks after the last day of the semester.If no grade is submitted or an extension is not requested, the Registrar’s office is authorized to change the Incomplete to an F.

If an extension beyond eight weeks is needed, the student will be required to make a request in writing to the faculty member supervising the course. The faculty member is responsible for determining if the request is acceptable. If an additional extension is granted, the faculty member must notify the Registrar’s office. If no grade is submitted before the start of the next term, the Registrar’s Office is authorized to record an F for the course.