Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Registration Process

Students may register in person or online via Cougar Connection each semester on the dates specified in the Schedule of Courses, according to the following procedure outlined by the Registrar’s Office. The student should:

  • Obtain a pre-printed registration form from the advisor. Check the accuracy of the information on the form. Make corrections where necessary.
  • Secure approval of a schedule of classes from the advisor or the chair of the department. The registration form must be signed by the advisor and the student.
  • Register online or report to the Registrar’s Office with the signed registration form to complete the process at the designated times.

With the aid of their program director or advisor, students are responsible for selecting courses which will satisfy the degree and certification requirements of the University of Saint Francis. Students are responsible for making up required courses which they have dropped or failed. Transfer students must complete degree requirements according to university policies.

If a course section is full at the time of registration, a student may “Waitlist” for that section. “Waitlisted” students are not enrolled in a “Waitlisted” course section. Students are not permitted to attend course sections for which they are “Waitlisted.” Only students whose registration status is listed as “Current” in a course section are eligible to earn credit for that course.

The registration deadline is Wednesday at 5pm before the start date of each semester; students must be registered to attend a course.