Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Thesis & Extended Registration

Some programs may require a graduate thesis or project.  See specific program curriculum for details.

In a thesis-oriented course, a student may be unable to complete the course requirements in a single term. This presents problems when determining the enrollment status of the student and the actual completion date. Therefore, it is important that the program advisor have the student withhold registration for the thesis course until the term in which both the advisor and the student are confident the work can be completed or at least have significant progress toward completion. In a situation where a student is unable to complete within the term of registration, the following policies apply:

  1. A grade of incomplete is recorded for the thesis course and the student is required to register for a non-credit, continuous registration course, USF 500 Thesis Completion.
  2. The Thesis Completion course is for one term and has a $500 fee. For each subsequent term (Fall, Spring, Summer) when a grade is not submitted, the student is again required to register for USF 500, as many times as needed, for as long as it is within the five-year limit for the completion of the degree.
  3. The grade of incomplete remains on record as long as the student remains registered for the Thesis Completion course. If the thesis is not completed within the five-year time limit for all degree requirements, an F will be entered for the final grade of the course.
  4. Upon the successful defense of the thesis, the faculty member submits a grade for the thesis, which is recorded for the original course registration. All USF 500 classes receive a NC (No Credit) and are not figured in the GPA.
  5. In the event a student does not finish all degree requirements within an academic year, that student is removed from the anticipated year of graduation and moved into the following year’s class. (This applies even if the student is listed in the Commencement program or participates in Commencement.) The diploma will show the year of completion, based on the last term in which the student is registered. Students will only be listed once in the Commencement Program, regardless of the actual year of completion.
  6. The continuous registration requirement is waived if the student has submitted a final copy of the thesis and a defense is scheduled. In that case an incomplete is assigned for a maximum of eight weeks as per the policy on incomplete grades. The student is not required to register if the delay is due to the need to schedule faculty for a defense of the thesis.

USF 500 Thesis Completion        

This is a non-credit course of continued enrollment required of any student who has not completed a thesis within the initial term registered. Students are required to register for this course as long as they remain a student and have not completed their thesis. The course carries no credit and does not count in the GPA, but it does have a registration fee.