Graduate Catalog: 2021-22

Time Limits

Enrolling for Initial Coursework

A student must begin the course of studies toward the degree within 12 months of being accepted into a graduate program or it will be necessary to repeat the entire admission process.

Completing Degree Requirements

Once a student has begun coursework toward a graduate degree, a maximum of five (5) years is allowed for completion of all degree requirements. (Transfer work also must be completed within this time.) Courses more than five (5) years old may not be accepted toward revised programs.

Interruption of Studies

If a student discontinues taking courses in the Graduate School, his or her file will be kept for an additional two semesters. Candidates must reapply to the graduate program if they discontinue coursework for two or more consecutive semesters (excluding summer). To re-enroll at this time, the candidate must meet the admission requirements as determined by the department/program. Candidates must follow the current program of study requirements. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the department chair/program director of each graduate program.